Multi Unit Pricing for Schools and Other Institutions

Notation Software offers multi unit discount pricing to schools as well as other organizations.

Notation Software's multi unit pricing for schools is the same as for all groups and institutions, such as churches and community bands. To determine the price for the number of copies you wish to order, please ask us.

Student Discount

Pricing for Students:   25% Off    (Student ID required)

To apply for this substantial 25% discount for students, please enter your email address below, and click the "send form" button. You will then receive an email form which you will need to complete and return to us. Please scan your student ID card or equivalent document which confirms that you are a student and attach it to the email. We will validate your request asap, and will send you a link with a coupon for the discounted student price, which you can use for a purchase.

STEP 1: Enter your email address

STEP 2: Sends you an email form which you can fill out and forward to us